I would like to do some research on the interest of pilots in running on a new schedule.
I'm going to stop running in some leagues, this on Sundays
because I have a new job that prevents me from making these leagues
so I wanted to see the possibility of some riders running in this new schedule:

11:00 h Brasil ,Argentina
09:00 h Miami, Montreal
08:00 h Mexico
14:00 h Londres, Porto
15:00 h Paris ,Copenhague
16:00 h Berlin, Helsinque
17:00 h Moscou
23:00 h Tokyo
00:00 h Sidney



New proposal

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                               Rules 2018

1- obrigatorio utilizar 7 chassis, em seguida só é permitido repetir 1 chassi por vez.

-It is mandatory to use 7 chassis, then it is only allowed to repeat 1 chassis at a time.

2- Punição, USO Obrigatório do BRM - punishment, mandatory use of BRM.

3- Pole  bonus de 1 ponto (pole 1 bonus point).

4- Melhor volta bonus 1 ponto (best lap bonus 1 point).

5- utilizando do "fair play"  o piloto pode ter o perdão da punição(Using fair play the

 pilot can have the forgiveness of the punishment)

6- Pilotos acima de 60 anos livre escolha de carros ( uso somente do brm 

punição)-Drivers over 60 have free choice of cars